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Roland Fakler


New Revison of my most important work now available 2018

What you should know about history to make things better.


A critical history-book and a contribution to the enlightenment.

Why “great people” in world history became Persecutors or why they were persecuted.

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ISBN- 9783748109389 © 2018 Roland Fakler

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If you have read this book, you will understand why history went so mad,

from Akhenaten / Amenophis IV -1350 to Erdogan, from Alexander to Hitler, from old dictatorship to our present dictators, like Assad…. All so called “great men” were great problems, who caused after all great havoc and misery.

Even the founders of religion, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed are the root of endless persecution. Why is that? What can we do to lead history on a more peaceful path for the future? That are the topics discussed in this book.

For at least five years I have worked on my main work.

Now it is available in German and English.

What is the reason why the so-called great people in history turned into persecutors, if they had the power to do so, and why were they often persecuted, if they fought against spiritual restriction and sought new ways of thinking as freethinkers and cultural workers? After all, why do people come to persecute others? This central, ever and ever recurring problem in world history, I want to highlight in this book and help so to advance the enlightenment one-step further.

Its about an ancient and eternal topic, a topic which I consider the most important in world history, a topic that pervades the whole history and has shaped it decisively.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 

Preface   6

How do I use the word “Great”  8

The Problem    10

Divine Persecution   24

Jehovah – Jahwe – Allah   28

The Origin of the Hebrew bible   30

The Delusion of being Chosen   31

Allah   35

Akhenaten / Amenophis IV   36

The Babylonian God-Kings  38

Alexander  38

Caesar  42

The Roman Caesars  46

Christianity  47

Jesus  47

Paul 59

The Persecution of the Christians  64

The Fragmentation of the Christians  66

Constantine   67

Constantius II 69

Theodosius I 70

Theodosius II 70

The ChurchFathers  71

Against Jews and Gentiles  71

The Hatred towards Jews  72

The Destruction of Paganism    76

Augustine   78

Clovis  83

Islam    85

Muhammad   85

Islam and Human Rights Today  95

The Spread of Islam    98

The Occident  99

Charlemagne   99

The Aberrations of the Popes  102

Megalomania and Persecution-fury  104

The Index  111

The Crusades  114

The Conversion of the Pagans  115

The Fight against the Heretics  115

The Jews  120

The Inquisition   124

Jan Hus  129

The “Witch Craze”  131

Luther  135

Zwingli 143

Calvin   144

Massacre of Saint Bartholomew’s Day  146

Cromwell 147

The Puritans  149

Quakerism    150

Giordano Bruno   151

Galileo and Darwin   154

Ivan The Terrible   155

Machiavelli 157

Louis XIV   159

Voltaire   161

Charles Eugene, Duke of Württemberg  162

Schiller  165

About Artists and their Problems  168

Lenz  170

Hölderlin   171

Kleist  173

Büchner  175

Cézanne   176

Van Gogh   180

Rousseau   185

Beckmann   188

The Enlightenment  189

Relapse into Tyranny  196

The French Revolution   197

Napoleon   199

Restoration and Revolution   207

Nietzsche   207

Bismarck  214

The most terrible of all Centuries  219

Hegel 220

Wilhelm II 223

Fascism    226

Colonial Empires  227

Hitler  231

Communism    242

Marx  242

Lenin   245

Stalin   250

Mao   258

GDR   268

“Church” of Scientology  271

Current Threats  272

Lessons learnt from history  273

Dealing with strong men!  283

What is a good Worldview?  284

My Creed   285

The Development of Human Rights  286

The most important Sources  287

Index  288

The Author  300