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Roland Fakler

My Creed

My Creed

by Roland Fakler

I believe in myself, in my humanistic values and in my common sense.

 My life aims to develop my personality, become educated, gain certain valuable abilities and use them wisely.

I support the values of the European Enlightenment and stand up for a humanistic way of life.

I cannot make out a divine power or a hereafter. There are only natural forces.

Man is highly responsible for his own life and for this world. His aim should be to create a just and peaceful world for all people. This should be done based on rational principles within a liberal democracy. The human rights are the most important of these principles. They demand tolerance for other ways of living and thinking. Life is not simple but diverse. Tolerance, however, has its limits if others are intolerant. You cannot tolerate intolerance!

The more people there are, the harder it is to create a just world for all. Therefore population growth should be controlled.

Man is part of an all-embracing nature that needs to be protected and preserved in his interest. Scientific findings that should not be considered infallible guide our decisions. Humanistic principles should govern our actions.

I suppose, that after death I will feel like before my birth, – namely not at all. Death is the natural salvation of all evil. Only in the memory of others will I and my work live on – and I will do my best that they keep me in good memory.



Copyright © September 1999 Roland Fakler

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